Official Smogon Doubles Tournament I - Round 1

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Come on, this is the third tournament in a row I barely miss. I see it was posted on the 21st of May, so I wasn't reading forums anymore at that point.

I was busy IRL with studying for PEvAU, which is the Spanish university admision exam, and now I'm finally back it's too late.

Are there anymore DOU tournaments this summer? I'd rather write it down so it doesn't become 4 missed tournaments in a row.


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New pairings:

Fruitdealer vs Ticken
toinha vs Gondra
adsam vs suapah
Neblina vs Greentea570
Sharifa Airen vs RaiZen1704
KyleCole vs MZB
Mishimono vs dice
Huston vs Will-I-am

A reminder to the following that you have 24 hours to reply/get in contact or else you may be subbed out. The remaining subs will be done 24 hours from now.

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Calling act, it's been five days since I told my opponent I don't want to play at 4am and they haven't responded
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